Modded 10x

Click here to launch Rust and join our 10x server

Formerly known as Rust Dynasty, our Rust 10x server was our first ever server and is still active to this day. Below is some information about our 10x server.


  • 10x gather and xp rate
  • Increased smelt and cook time
  • Teleportation – request to teleport to other players and set homes
  • RaidBlock – prevents players from teleporting out of raids to increase fairness.
  • Airdrops every hour and Helicopters every hour and a half
  • Kits – starter kits and donator kits available
  • Help – advanced help menu that provides all available commands
  • Autodoors – automatically shut doors after a set amount of time
  • Clans – create your own clan, invite your friends and distinguish yourself from others
  • Death Notes – laugh at others as they die by bears
  • Ingame status bar – shows player count and many other useful features
  • /pm – privately message your allies without your enemy knowing
  • State of the Art Anti Admin Abuse Tools – Admin toggle, heavy logging, ect.
  • Restarts every 6 hours, at 12 AM/PM and 6 AM/PM

Other Resources

You can see our live map here

Donate here