First, welcome to our TTT server! We hope you have fun.

Now for the less fun stuff: our rules. We try to be as transparent as possible with how we operate. If you have any questions or need further clarification on any of these rules, feel free to ask a staff member!

Rule #1: if you’re here to RDM, go ahead and leave.

Everyone has RDM’d on servers before. You do it for a round and get permanently banned afterwards. We think our server is awesome, so why would you want to be permanently banned for doing this for a round? We’re more lenient on RDM where it’s genuinely an accident or you believe someone could possibly be a traitor based on how they act.

Rule #2: don’t be a jack ass.

It’s Garry’s Mod. It’s a video game. We get getting into the game and aren’t going to punish you for being intense or focused on the game and being frustrated with something that happened. We ask that you don’t be mean to others or our staff team. Our staff team is here to help and understands your frustrations and will listen to you, but don’t be the guy that continuously pokes at them and attempts to find loopholes in these rules. We don’t want to spend all day adding rules and you don’t want to spend all day reading them.

Rule #3: we’re lenient on what could be a traitor act.

Most servers have a page long list of what is defined as a “traitor act.” To be honest, we would never be able to keep up with this and you probably wouldn’t either. Just don’t act suspicious 24/7.

Rule #4: we try to be as casual as possible. This isn’t CS:GO.

That means, don’t be afraid to have fun. Throw a prop at your friend to piss them off, or goomba stomp them. If you wipe out all of your teammates with props you will probably be punished though.

These rules are subject to change. Last Updated: 10/3/2020

This goes without saying, but these rules are subject to change.