DynastyGaming started in January 2016, primarily hosting Rust servers.

We began as a host of Rust game servers. Our community grew rapidly over the course of that year, requiring us to continue upscaling our hardware and sparking further development of many of our backend systems. Granted, in January 2016 there weren’t many systems available for administrating a Rust game server quite yet! The community continued to grow and scale over the next few years, going through the ups and downs of a traditional game server. Our Vanilla rust servers were routinely ranked in the top 250, most of the time in the top 100, of all Rust game servers. We’d average 200 players with each wipe — that’s a lot of people to moderate and watch!

Our Rust servers closed in October 2020, but we weren’t finished yet.

Unfortunately our Rust servers were shuttered in October 2020 due to a multitude of reasons. With our experience gained from hosting successful Rust servers, we decided to try and host a Garry’s Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town server. We’re constantly working on developing the server, but for us, we view it as a fun project and less high stakes. We aren’t sure where this server will go and will wait and see the community (if any) that forms around it.