2x Vanilla and 1000x Battlefield servers launching May 23

2x Vanilla and 1000x Battlefield servers launching May 23

We’ve launched our 2x Vanilla server. Battlefield launch delayed until next week.


It brings me great excitement to inform our community that we will be expanding and launching two new Rust game servers on May 23. They’ll launch alongside our typical wipes.

Over the past few months we have been getting feedback and opinions from many players on what we should do to expand our presence on Rust. We’ve had the heated debate of a monthly or biweekly Vanilla server. We’ve had many different polls to gather feedback on what we could do better with our current servers and where we could expand in the future. Based on the data we have gathered we have made the decision to launch a 2x Vanilla and 1000x Battlefield server.

The 2x Vanilla server will be like Vanilla in almost every way — except your resources will gather at double the rate. The server will be biweekly, meaning wipes will occur every two weeks with a blueprint wipe happening monthly. The IP will be the same as our 5x IP. There won’t be any group limits either. We have yet to decide on a max player count for this server, but expect it to start at anywhere between 50-100.

The 1000x battlefield server is going to be chaotic and will use a barren map. You’ll have the option to set your weapons you spawn with and have kits to give yourself any other necessary weapons or modifications. Gather resources at an increased rate, but beware that you will have a target on your back. This server will have a max player count of 200 for full-blown chaos.

Both of these servers will be hosted out of Atlanta and our southeastern United States players will notice incredibly low latency. Our northern United States and Canadian players will also see low latency.

Thanks to all of our donators who have made this expansion possible, and we look forward to seeing you all on our new servers on May 23!

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