Upcoming changes to 5x and 10x

Upcoming changes to 5x and 10x

We’re making some changes to our 5x and 10x servers after the upcoming bi-weekly wipe.

We will be closing the 5x server with this wipe. The popularity of our 5x server has dwindled over the past few months and in response to what our players want, we are going to close the server in hopes of improving the Vanilla and 10x servers. With one less server running and better hardware coming in next week, our Vanilla and 10x servers should run much better. For those who have donated to the 5x server, we will allow you to transfer your donation to either our 10x or Vanilla server. We understand that it can be unfair to lose the kits that you have and want to compensate for that in the best way we can. With the 5x server closing, we’re hoping we can open a new Vanilla 2x bi-weekly server sometime in the near future. This all depends on the demand for the server and whether we can afford another dedicated box. We’re going to try hard to make it happen.

For our 10x server, we will be switching to a weekly wipe. Blueprints will now wipe every 2 weeks. We will be adding and removing plugins as well as making some rule changes to the 10x server. Our most notable changes: 1) we will be changing teleportation so you CANNOT teleport out of battles, 2) we will be banning the ability to hide loot under your base, 3) we will ALLOW griefing. We’re hoping for this to encourage more raiding and PvP action and prevent one large group from being able to take over the server. This will become a very fast paced server.

Another change that we’re gonna be enacting on ALL servers is that we’re changing the name of our servers. We will have an announcement in Discord for this leading up to next Thursday. We’re going to change our name to “Dyna.gg – [server type] – [length until wipe]” as a way to refresh our image on server lists. We also want to drive more traffic to the website and will be doing more with our website to get more traffic in the future, such as posting helpful guides related to Rust and other important news.

If you have any questions, head over to #contact-staff on Discord and let us know.

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