Upcoming mandatory wipe on 4/4

Upcoming mandatory wipe on 4/4

Update: all servers are wiped and updated!

Good morning! We will be wiping our map and BPs on 4/4 for the mandatory Rust update. As usual, you can expect some downtime Today sometime between 2-4pm EST as we update Rust and Oxide. We’ll provide updates in our Discord, which you can join from the link above.

For this wipe, we will be having changes made to our 10x server. We are going to change the player count to 50 and make the map 3000 size. It will still be a weekly wipe, with BPs bi-weekly. We’ve also added back the remove tool, allowed walling off loot, and made many other changes with our rules which can be seen with the new GUI displayed once you join the server. Make sure to review all the rules before you begin playing.

Our Vanilla server will move to 3500 map size. We also would like to say that while we cannot enforce group limits (we wouldn’t be Vanilla if we did so), we prefer that groups stay at a max size of 8. We understand that groups ally and there are very large raids that happen. We prefer if the numbers in a raid would be kept closer to even for both sides (ex. 6 vs. 8 instead of 1-3 vs. 8). We understand if you do wish to use your size to outgun better players. This isn’t a rule that we can enforce, but we’d like for everyone to play fair. Shooting nakeds is also part of Rust, but consider helping them up if they’re a newer player.

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