DynastyGaming uses a limited automatic donation system, in which the format has to be followed exactly. Below are the conditions for your donation to automatically be applied. Otherwise, a staff member will have to manually give it to you.


  1. You must give a full link to your Steam profile in the first box. ***DO NOT PUT JUST YOUR USERNAME*** The system is designed to give perks to the Steam profile linked. If there is no link, donation perks will be given to the Steam profile{whatever you put in the box}

  2. Your email must match the email you used to donate with. If you use Paypal to submit the donation, the email on the Paypal account must be the email you entered in the form on the next page. If you create a new NFO account, use the email used to set up your account.

  3. If you do not receive your perks within the hour, please contact a staff member via our Discord (fastest response is here) or help forms.


Here is the link to the form

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