Rust Server Admin Commands 2019

Rust Server Admin Commands 2019

The first of our series of guides to help server admins, this is a great list for both beginner and experienced admins.

Rust admin commands can be difficult to find. We’ve made a guide to help server admins with navigating admin commands and understand more of what each command does and how to use the commands available. This is a good list for Vanilla server admins to use. We’ll be expanding upon our guides and have more written soon.

To perform each command, you can either use the server console (commonly referred to as rcon) or the in-game console, binded to the F1 key. For commands requiring SteamID, you must use their Steam64 ID which can be found/converted at a website like Steamid.IO.

owneridSteam IDGives a user access to elevated permissions. You should not hand this out to staff members.ownerid 123456789
moderatoridSteam IDGives a user access to admin commands.moderatorid 123456789
server.readcfgN/AReads the server configuration. Useful if you make updates to the config file and want the changes to take effect without a restart.server.readcfg
server.writecfgN/AWrites the config changes you have made. We'll have a guide on different variables you can use in your config file soon.server.writecfg
kickNickname/Steam IDKicks a user from the server. You can use their in-game name or Steam ID.kick Helk
banNickname/Steam IDBans a user from the server. By default this is a permanent ban. uMod has plugins that allow you to configure the duration of the ban. This also broadcasts to the entire server.ban Helk
banidSteam IDBans a user from the server. Again, this is permanent by default. This ban is not broadcasted to the server.banid 123456789
sayMessageSay a message. This will be as if the server is broadcasting the message, and will show up as [SERVER] followed by your message.say "DynastyGaming is great!"
spectateNickname/Steam IDAllows you to spectate a particular user. You'll have to run the respawn command in order to exit.spectate Helk
global.god [true/false]N/AMakes you true
teleport [player being teleported] [player to teleport to]NicknameTeleports a player to another player. Can also do just teleport [player] to go to that player."teleport Shades Helk", or saying "teleport Helk" if I want to go to Helk (without quotes)
noclipN/AFly around and through objects. Say again to exit noclip mode.noclip
ent killN/AKills the entity you're currently looking at. It's best to bind this command by saying "bind [key] ent kill"ent kill
combatlogNicknameCan be used as just "combatlog" to see your past combatlog, or you can include a player's name to see theirs. Useful to detect cheaters.combatlog Helk
playerlistN/ALists current players online.playerlist


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